AMAZING! Todd was amazing and truly professional and empathetic to my case all the way through. After a long and difficult court case we finally settled and signed today. Todd was on time and with me all the way through. I never had to worry things were not getting done and he always kept me […]


Todd and Megan were very helpful in handling my case from the very beginning. They were very professional. Todd made me feel like I didn’t have to worry about anything. They took care of everything. I am very happy with how this case has been resolved. I would definitely recommend calling Larson and Simpson Law […]


I made my first Attorney appointment ever about a year ago! thankfully I was introduced to Todd Simpson, after our first meeting he explained what was to be expected, he was right on point with everything. the communication was excellent about everything. I have to say my stress factor went down considerably, he handled everything […]


I cannot give a high enough recommendation for Todd Simpson. Throughout the entire process of my case Todd was available and helpful. Todd was straightforward and realistic about what to expect. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional which gave me confidence during what was a difficult time. Todd Simpson is a great guy and an […]