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There is so much at stake in divorce and family matters. At Larson & Simpson PLC, we provide the personal attention and compassion you need from a family law attorney during these emotional and difficult times. Our clients in Chandler, Pinetop, and Safford, AZ, and beyond have relied on us to help guide them through these tumultuous situations. As your family lawyer, “we focus on your future.” That’s more than a slogan. We truly believe in setting our clients up for a better tomorrow through sound legal representation today.

We Provide Legal Counsel For Family Cases


We are your advocate, and focus on your future. Divorce involves many issues, including spousal maintenance, child support, legal decision making, parenting time, and division of property. We know the law and will vigorously defend your interests.

Child Support

Many factors go into the amount of child support an individual needs to pay, for instance, the earning capacity of each parent, the number of children of the marriage, and the specific needs of the child.

Legal Decision Making & Parenting Time

What is best for the child is the court’s number-one priority, which includes where they will live and how decisions are made. This is often the most difficult portion of the divorce proceedings. 

Legal Separations

For clients who do not wish to be divorced but want the benefits of legal separation, we can help usher your desires through mediation or court orders to establish a person’s rights and obligations.

Let us put the law to work for you. Contact Larson & Simpson to discuss your case or legal matter today.

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