• “I have hired Greg on multiple occasions” to handle foreclosures, write leases, and litigate for me. Greg has always impressed me and I will hire him again when the need arises."

    -Bill (Real estate Law)

  • “Great and affordable bankruptcy attorney”. I have been very pleased with their service and help through my bankruptcy."

    -Kenneth (Bankruptcy)

  • “Given a fresh Start”: Understood my situation and were helpful!!!!Larson and Simpson were fantastic with my bankruptcy. When I first met with them, I felt ashamed for being in the financial mess I was in. After my consultation, my shame was replaced with renewed hope, I was given a fresh start!"


  • “Mr. Todd D. Simpson was my last hope”. I had been turned down by at least a dozen other attorneys because I was a single mother, teacher, and in what was considered the "poor working" class. Barely able to pay my bills, I had nothing left. I owe my peace and new start to Mr. Simpson, without him, I do not know what I would have done. He is a kind, compassionat...

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  • "Greg is a great young man and a lawyer." He is smart, hard-working and quick learner."

    -Hyung Choi (Arizona Lawyer)

  • “I recommend the attorneys of Larson and Simpson” Professional, affordable, responsive, and helpful. When I needed help and was in financial trouble, they worked with me to stop the creditor harassment. Larson and Simpson have affordable attorney fees that I was able to file. Thank you so much for your help"


  • “Two thumbs up for Greg!" When I have a question, Greg is at the top of my list for real estate issues. Greg also serves much of rural eastern Arizona and travels regularly to meet with his clients.

    -Jason Forcier (Real Estate)

  • “Was able to get me an even better deal than what I asked for.” Todd really was fantastic in handling my case. He helped me realize what was worthy of fighting for & what things weren't. He negotiated with the other attorney and was able to get me an even better deal than what I asked for. He was attentive & knowledgeable and I would definitely refer my friends...

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  • “Competent and trustworthy attorneys” who gives complete dedication to a case until resolution. Because of their tireless efforts our case came to the best conclusion we could have hoped for. If it wasn't for them we may have lost custody of our children and been without the child support needed to take care of them. They have my full confidence and trust.

    -Jason (Family Law)


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