• Criminal Law

    A criminal charge is never a good thing. Here at Larson and Simpson we understand that unfortunate circumstances can lead to criminal charges, leading to frightening, sometimes isolated situations. Our clients are people who deserve to be heard, we are that voice. With compassion and strong representation, we focus on the individual and the best course of action for our clients moving forward.

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  • Civil Litigation

    Don't let people push you around! It doesn't matter the parties to the dispute, you need to show the other party you are not afraid of them and are willing to enforce your rights. The attorneys at Larson & Simpson, PLC are here to advocate for you.

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  • Real Estate

    The American Dream - Owning Property. The attorneys at Larson & Simpson, PLC want to help you achieve your dreams and protect those dreams once you achieve them. Understanding your rights as a property owner is essential to finding fulfillment in owning your property.

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  • Estate Planning

    It doesn't matter your situation, you can always plan for your future. Whether you’re creating a will, or appointing someone to take care of your children, in the event that you pass, you should have a plan. The attorneys at Larson and Simpson, PLC are here to help you plan and understand what is best for you and your estate.

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  • Bankruptcy

    If you are looking for an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney in Chandler, Arizona, Larson and Simpson PLC, is here to help. Filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful ordeal to take on by yourself. Let our veteran Bankruptcy attorney, Todd Simpson be your guide, as his expertise will navigate you through your bankruptcy.

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  • Family Law

    Going through a divorce or legal separation can turn your life upside down. The life you knew and wanted for your family because of the divorce or custody matters are now filed with uncertainty, confusion and turmoil. The law offices of Larson & Simpson, PLC, a leading experienced family law and divorce law firm is here for you and your children to help guide, advise, advocate and focus on your future and best interests to ensure the best possible outcome.

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