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At Larson & Simpson, PLC we understand your future is important. That’s why we focus on it. Whether you’re dealing with a tough, personal crisis or setting off on a new adventure, we want to help you understand your options and safely navigate the obstacles ahead. By focusing on your future, we know we can help you succeed.


Practice Areas — Larson & Simpson, PLC:

  • Criminal Law - Matt Jones
  • Civil Litigation - Greg Larson, John Salskov & Matt Jones
  • Real Estate - Greg Larson & John Salskov
  • Estate Planning - Greg Larson & John Salskov
  • Bankruptcy - Todd Simpson
  • Family Law - Todd Simpson

Why Choose Us



  • Empathy | Empathy means that you understand and share the feelings of another. Whether you are going through a divorce, bankruptcy, criminal action, buying a piece property, or for whatever legal reason brings you to our firm, the future is unknown. At Larson & Simpson, PLC, we strive to understand how you are feeling and help you see a brighter future.

  • Communication | Plainly stated, "We cannot represent you if we do not communicate." Communication is essential throughout all we do. We encourage our clients to communicate with us so that they are a part of the process.

  • Quality | We strive to provide our clients with quality, dependable representation. From the simplest deed transfer to the most complicated litigation, we want our clients to feel comfortable that we are doing everything we can to make sure their legal rights are protected.

  • Advocacy | We are your voice! We center your representation on what is best for you, factoring our knowledge and understanding of the law.


  • Goals | The goal is always to acquire the best possible outcome for each case. This is the foundation of our services. We critically evaluate each case, and consider what is in our client’s best interest. We set challenging yet realistic goals in order to achieve successful results.

  • Strategy | Your case is valuable and requires appropriate planning. From the beginning, we will implement a plan that will put you in best position for success. Our experienced attorneys will navigate you through the legal environment strategically to compliment your cases needs.

  • Performance | As attorneys, our ability to perform derives from our ambitions to help others. We use our knowledge in the related field, and strive to find solutions vigorously. Here at Larson and Simpson, we are motivated to represent our clients, and will do so to the best of our ability.

  • Perseverance | Whether your case is long and enduring, or short and sweet, we make certain that “no stone goes left unturned.” Persistence and perseverance through the most tedious barriers is our obligation. We are motivated to represent you in the fullest capacity, providing thorough and diligent service.

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